Our service for you: new opportunities with lumber from around the globe

  • Lumber importing ties up personnel and finances – today, not every company can or will bear this risk. For independent companies, being a lumber importer and supporting the costs of material planning and financing are becoming more and more risky. With Weltholz, your partner is an expert import supplier.
  • Through your partnership with Weltholz, you can reduce your own warehouse storage and purchasing and assessment risks. This safeguards the competitive ability of companies large and small – and with it, a bit of the future.
  • Weltholz stand for a varied, always-available product line of lumber and composite wood, and quick logistics with a focus on delivery reliability and supplying the quantities you need.
  • Weltholz has extensive storage facilities and delivers according to a binding schedule of tours.
  • The enthusiastic experts at six locations will give you expert information on product properties and application options.
  • As a dealer, you enjoy the familiar purchasing advantages of a large partner and support for your sales effort in the form of product training, marketing, Internet instruments and logistics know-how.
  • Weltholz's supports program protects the identity of independent dealers in the import product sector at all times: in the eyes of your customers, you are an importer and can use this reputation to increase your share of the imported lumber market.