Weltholz strengthens your import expertise.

Lumber from around the world opens up a new outlook. Be a part of the experience. 

Weltholz supplies the trade with lumber from around the world and supports it with marketing tools and information. The logo and name illustrate Weltholz's expertise: "Weltholz" = world + lumber. The tree trunks in different colors on the stylized globe are a signal of product variety and range.

The Weltholz Sortiments product lines concept was developed in 2009 and presented to the public for the first time at interzum, the furniture industry trade show, in Cologne. The German Timber Trade Federation (GD Holz) gave the 2011 Woody Award to the innovative service concept for the trade. An independent division within the Klöpfer Group, the Weltholz brand was entered in the commercial registry in 2013.

The challenges facing our customers in the trade are great. Their sales departments demand top procurement prices, but at the same time, the quantities purchased should not exceed current needs. However, enough goods must be available to take advantage of all sales opportunities! The product lines also need to change annually to meet changing customer requirements and the products must help to create a unique selling proposition. Ultimately, when inventory is taken, the results should not be adversely affected by an oversupply of short lengths or the wrong qualities, for example.

The Weltholz service offer: To make it a bit easier for customers in the trade to purchase import product lines. Weltholz combines the advantages of procuring single-variety shipments with the advantages of needs-compatible package purchases.

The Weltholz and UPM teams look forward to doing business with you.