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  • Kebony® Clear decking boards (22 x 142 mm) have now been given general building approval (abZ) by the
    German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt). Photo: © Kebony® - Salih Usta
  • Kebony® Clear decking boards are the first modified wood approved for load-bearing structures.
    Photo: © Kebony® - Simon Jeppesen
  • With general building approval (abZ), Kebony® Clear expands its versatile application possiblities to
    load-bearing structures such as piers, balconies, raised terraces and bridges.
    Photo: © Kebony® - Anthony Hill

Building approval: Kebony®

"The future is made from this wood!", says Kebony's® slogan. And indeed, the Norwegian manufacturer has taken a further, promising step in this direction: Kebony® Clear (22 x 142 mm) has now received general building approval (abZ) from the German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt). This makes it "... the only modified wood with this seal and suitable for even more projects," says Marcell Bernhardt, the head of Kebony® Germany.

Approved for load-bearing structures: Kebony® Clear decking boards (22 x 142 mm) can now also be used for load-bearing structures such as piers, balconies, decks, raised terraces, bridges and galleries. In Germany, for these areas of application (up to class 3.2) only proven types of wood with the corresponding quality grading, such as larch, oak or ipe, can be used. Other types of wood used for this purpose must be approved by the building authorities. With the granting of general building approval (abZ), Kebony® has tremendously expanded its existing areas of application such as terraces, floor coverings and façades.

Its outstanding performance is due to the patented, environmentally-friendly Kebony® technology: during the modification process, sustainable softwood is impregnated with a biobased liquid and subsequently gently dried. This gives Kebony® wood great durability, hardness, shape stability and other premium properties that make it comparable to teak.

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