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  • The innovative GRAD system enables decking boards to be laid on a durable aluminium substructure
    in a highly efficient way. The patented Clip-JuAn® fastening clips ensure the decking boards, such as
    Kebony® shown here, can be easily mounted without any visible screw fittings Photo: ©GRAD
  • Used in conjunction with dimensionally stable wood, such as thermopine shown here,
    the Clip-JuAn® fastening system creates high-quality durable decking with joint spacings which remain
    permanently in position. Photo: ©GRAD

The GRAD System: A New Generation of Decking

Deck fastening system with Clip-JuAn® screw fittings on the underside

  • The first hidden fastening system for wooden decking
  • The predefined substructure ensures consistently even grid and joint spacings
  • Alignment errors are completely eliminated
  • Quick and easy to install
  • The multi-award winning Clip-JuAn® system was invented in 2006
  • The clip grooves on the undersides of the boards function as »relief grooves« and reduce the lout  on the wood
  • Complies with the requirements set out in the DTU 51-4 building standard (French standard for the construction of wooden decking)
  • Approved by the FCBA (independent testing institute in France)

GRAD with wooden decking boards

  • Exclusively byWeltholz with Kebony® and thermopine (Lunawood)

Hidden Installation System

  • Hidden fastening system – lateral fixings and screws are completely hidden

Cambered Surface Finish

  • Prevents the decking boards from becoming waterlogged
  • Provides optimum drainage across the decking boards
  • Prevents unwanted cupping

Individual Decking Boards Can Be Detached

  • Very easy to install and replace individual boards
  • It is possible to detach individual boards even from pre-laid surfaces
  • No need to carry out additional adjustments

Stable and Durable Aluminium Substructure

  • A wide range of configurations are possible using several aluminium profiles which are mounted with the patented fastening clip (Clip-JuAn®)
  • 30-year guarantee on the aluminium substructure

Top Link – one clip enables two vertical substructure rails to be connected very precisely

  • Easy to connect vertically using the Clip Top Link
  • Quick to install and can be easily disassembled

Top+ – height adjustment with just one levelling pedestal

  • Can be constructed to just under one metre in height and remains completely stable
  • The load is concentrated onto the middle of the pedestal up to a gradient of 4% by means of a level compensator
  • Load-bearing capacity 2 tonnes/m2 distributed across four levelling pedestals

Top Rail – substructure for particularly low surfaces

  • Height adjustment from 8 – 36 mm
  • The smallest high top rail + deck: from 39 mm
  • For new or existing concrete, stone or tiled surfaces

Top Cube – Fascia Board With Clips

  • Fascia boards can be easily and precisely installed and disassembled by attaching/detaching the clips
  • No screws required so no screws are visible

Other Possible Applications Using Clip-JuAn®

  • Cladding
  • Screening
  • Ceilings
  • Eave fascia boards
  • Raised beds for gardening
  • Solutions for slopes

GRAD Decking Planner – in 2D and 3D

  • High-quality and individualised decking planner which produces a list of required materials and accessories, assembly plans and cost control steps
  • Easy to generate when preparing quotations and during the contract phase
  • Changes to the plan are easy to implement

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Available to download: Weltholz Information August 2018  GRAD-System: A New Generation of Decking