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  • Thermowood by Lunawood is resistant, durable, dimensionally stable, free of resin and toxins,
    low-maintenance and splinter resistant. Photo: © Lunawood
  • Due to its high durability (class 2) and robustness, Lunawood is excellently suited for use in outdoor areas
    such as façade cladding or decking, as it can withstand any climate. Photo: © Lunawood
  • Lunawood obtains its excellent properties in an environmentally-friendly thermal modification process,
    in which sustainable pine is treated with steam and heat. Photo: © Lunawood

Wood from Lunawood: Durable and beautiful

Lunawood’s wide product range allows for a variety of modern wood projects to be realized. In addition to being used indoors, Lunawood products are also ideal for designing outdoor areas where, for example, they can withstand any kind of climate as a terrace covering or façade cladding without the need for chemical preservation. Lunawood is dimensionally stable, free of resins and toxins and heat-insulating. The material owes its outstanding properties to a thermal modification through which sustainable Scandinavian pine is treated exclusively by means of heat and steam.

The perfect material for terrace construction: Thanks to its high stability and durability, Lunawood is ideally suited for terraces. Its improved insulating properties ensure good temperature compensation, which prevents the boards from heating up excessively. The unique PROFIX mounting system allows for easy installation and hidden clips create a flawless, elegant look. Lunawood (thermal pine) offers an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free solution for a wide range of outdoor projects.

Lunawood from Weltholz

  • Terrace boards
    26 x 140 mm, smooth & brushed, fastening with Profix 2 clip
    40 x 185 mm, smooth, fastening with Profix 3 clip
  • Façade profiles and substructure
    Double rhombus, 26 x 142 mm, smooth
    Parallelogram, 26 x 68 mm, smooth
    Substructure, 42 x 64 mm, smooth


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