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  • Great joy over the nomination at the Greentec Awards 2016: Christoph Körfer (l.), spokesman and deputy station manager at ProSieben, presents the certificate to Kebony’s Sabine Domeyer and Marcell Bernhardt. Photo: © GreenTec Awards
  • Award winners 2016: The GreenTec Awards are Europe´s largest environmental and economic prize. Photo: © GreenTec Awards.

Kebony @ GreenTec Awards and exclusively at Weltholz

The revolutionary Kebony® technology, a completely sustainable process, turns pine wood into hardwood that is every bit as durable, tough and dimensionally stable as teak. For this, the  young Norwegian company Kebony was featured at the GreenTec Awards in Munich on 29 May 2016.

Only renewable raw materials are used in the Kebony® process. The wood is impregnated with a bio-alcohol and then dried. The result: a high-end product with the characteristics of tropical hardwoods – absolutely non-toxic and disposable just like untreated wood. Kebony® woods are used especially where wood preservatives or tropical hardwoods would otherwise be used.

Kebony’s innovation made it an audience favorite for the Galileo Knowledge Award at the GreenTec Awards. In the final rating, the Norwegians were among the top 3. This award honors technologies that have taken up the cause of sustainability and environmental protection among others. "The competition was tough" said Sabine Domayer, Marketing Manager at Kebony. "We just missed first place, but we are still thrilled. The nomination crowns our years of development work and is a recognition of the many, many people who have contributed to Kebony’s success."

In order to draw attention to the use of wood in construction again, Kebony is presently directing its attention mainly at architects, planners and processors. "We are working with many architects who have rediscovered wood as a modern and versatile building material," explains Marcell Bernhardt, Kebony’s Country Manager for Germany. "The Galileo Knowledge Award will hopefully spur on this development."

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