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  • The new building of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research at Telegrafenberg
    – a prime example of climate-friendly building. Kebony Character Boards were chosen as the material for
    the terrace in front of the conference hall. Photo: © Salih Usta - Kebony
  • The terrace surface of Kebony traces the curvature of the building envelope. Inspired by the shape
    of a cloverleaf, the layout of the building and its façade and terrace design ensure that the building blends
    harmoniously into the forest landscape. Photo: © Salih Usta - Kebony

Kebony®: material for climate-friendly construction

In the Weltholz product range you can find a large selection of materials that meet high sustainability requirements. In the outdoor flooring and façade category, for instance, we carry the modified woods from Kebony® among others.

Kebony is a sustainable, low-maintenance and durable quality wood for terraces, façades and more. Choose between a knotty "Character" variant of Nordic pine and a knotless version of Radiata pine (Kebony "Clear"). The Kebony technology gives softwood teak wood qualities: The environmentally friendly modification process with a bioalcohol (furfuryl alcohol) makes the wood hard, durable and dimensionally stable. The award-winning Kebony is free of toxins and synthetic chemicals and therefore exempt from the European Biocide Directive (BPR). It can be recycled like untreated wood.

The Kebony Terrace of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) provides a clear example that the modified woods of the Norwegian company meet the requirements of state-of-the-art climate research. PIK, one of the world's leading climate research institutes, supplemented a climate-friendly building with Kebony boards that blends harmoniously into the forest landscape of the Telegrafenberg in Potsdam. "The fact that Kebony basically received the accolade from the climate research industry greatly encourages us in our work," says Marcell Bernhardt, head of Kebony Germany . "We've just completed a comprehensive lifecycle analysis for Kebony to maximize transparency."

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