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  • Lunawood is dimensionally and inherently stable, resin free, resistant to weather, rot and pests, no
    splintering and easy to clean. Photo: ©KUVIO Ltd – Lunawood
  • Due to its excellent properties, Lunawood is suitable for various different applications both indoors
    and outdoors. It also works well in any climate. Photo: ©KUVIO Ltd – Lunawood

Lunawood Product Advantages

Beautiful and durable

Lunawood thermowood is a beautiful and sustainable wood production that can be used for various modern projects made of wood.

It is manufactured in a natural process using a combination of high temperatures and water vapour. The material is inherently stable, rot resistant and non-toxic. The thermal modification respects the natural properties of the wood.

Lunawood thermowood can be used in any climate both indoors and outdoors.


Lunawood facts at a glance

  • Timber use class: 3.2: 
    Terrace boards completely exposed to weather, without direct ground and water contact

  • Durability class: 2

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Suitable for any climate

  • Non-toxic

  • Resin-free

  • Weather-resistant

  • Heat insulating

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Download: Weltholz Information July 2018 Lunawood Product Advantages