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  • Admares produced nine floating villas for a beach boulevard in Dubai. The luxury bungalows feature
    two to four bedrooms, a terrace and a swimming pool. Photo: ©Joni Rantasalo
  • Admares chose Lunawood as its wall cladding material for these state-of-the-art villas. The sustainable
    thermowood maintains its excellent properties for long periods of time, even in hot, damp weather
    conditions. Photo: ©Joni Rantasalo
  • The solar protection on the villa terraces were made using Lunawood. The thermowood contains
    improved insulating properties which prevent overheating of the material. Photo: ©Joni Rantasalo

Lunawood stands up to every climate

High-quality thermowood by Lunawood meets the highest demands in terms of function and innovative design and was the perfect choice for a spectacular project by Admares, not least because of its suitability for hot climates: The Finnish company produced nine state-of-the-art floating villas for a beach boulevard in Dubai. The luxury bungalows feature a Lunawood facade and solar shades.

Lunawood is ideal for all kinds of outdoor areas such as wall claddings and terraces, and is completely weatherproof without the need for any chemical wood protection. It owes its remarkable properties to an environmentally-friendly modification process which hardens the heartwood of the sustainable Scandinavian pine using only heat and steam. The material is long-lasting, durable, dimensionally stable, free from resin and toxins, resistant to adverse weather, decay and pests, does not splinter and is easy to maintain. Its enhanced insulation properties prevent overheating of the material.

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