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  • Resysta UPB boards have the natural look and feel of wood and are so easy to work with just
    like natural materials.
  • Resysta is produced from 60% risk husk, a by-product from the food industry. The UPB boards are
    also composed of 22% rock salt and 18% mineral oil.
  • The UPB boards can be glazed in a variety of colour designs. They are thermoformable
    making them perfect for sophisticated designs.
  • Terraces, pool decks and facades made from Resysta do not heat up too fast because of its
    low thermal conductivity.
  • Due to the fact they are so easy to work with, UPB boards made from Resysta can be used
    in a whole host of design schemes, a fact that is appreciated by DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen,
    architects, designers and exhibition stand constructors.
  • Parquet flooring made from UPB board – ideal for wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
    The material used in Resysta does not absorb water – this means that varnishes and sealants cannot peel off.

New at Weltholz: UPB Board, 100% waterproof

Excellent Sales Potential

Take a look at the new UPB board made from Resysta® and consider adding it to your product range. This innovative board can be used in furniture, interior fittings, in outdoor areas and in facade construction and will soon be available to order from Weltholz. The board material is mainly manufactured from rice husks. The sustainable natural fibreboard is available in 1220 x 2440 mm boards and in thicknesses of 8, 12, 16 and 20 mm. This bestselling material is ideal for use in areas where the weather and moisture create particularly challenging conditions. It is suitable for use in outdoor areas, for example, facades, garden sheds, screen fences, carports, screens, terraces and garden furniture. It can also be used in indoor areas for furniture, ceilings, flooring and wall panelling, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Surface Resembles Wood

The UPB board both looks and feels like wood, however, thanks to its many fantastic properties it overcomes the limitations of a natural substance like wood. The special surface finish makes it feel like tropical hardwood and a range of colours are available in coordinated varnish finishes.

Wood 2.0: Sustainable – Tested and Award-Winning

Resysta® wood emerged as the winner of a long-term weathering test conducted in partnership with the distinguished Dresden Timber Technology Development and Testing Laboratory (EPH). The manufacturer of Resysta®, Intelligent Wood, has seen the product successfully used in projects throughout various climatic zones across the globe over the past 15 years. The company believes that UPB board made from Resysta® is an example of how technology can be used to advance the use of natural raw materials. Products made from Resysta are produced from 60% rice husk, a waste product from the food industry; the husks are produced when the rice grains are separated from the husks. The husks are mixed with rock salt and mineral oil to create a sustainable, weather-proof and water-resistant board material which is perfect for use in wet areas and even in water.

Its sustainable qualities were taken into consideration when it was being developed: it is produced from resources which are locally available, and Resysta (and therefore the UPB board) is 100% recyclable. The natural raw materials can therefore be used for a long time. In addition, a dedicated recycling system has been set up for Resysta products. Resysta received the 2018 Green Product Award (architecture category) in recognition of its sustainability credentials. UPB boards made from Resysta are seen as a material of the future, in other words “wood version 2.0.”

Try out its unique properties now!

Why not try out this innovative product and discover its extraordinary qualities? UPB boards used indoors and outdoors can resist heat, cold, salt, chlorine, fungi, moulds, pests and UV light. UPB boards are also non-slip and splinter-free which are very important qualities to consider when constructing terraces and areas around pools and in spa facilities. The boards comply with fire protection class B2 (normal flammability). A B1 version is expected to be released sometime during 2019. The product is also thermoformable which means it can be easily used in a variety of designs in various areas of application. These UPB boards enable you to offer your customers a standardised, reliable material which feels like wood, which combines added-value in terms of its technical properties with a very attractive look and which is completely recyclable just as nature intended. The boards are very easy to cut, shape, drill, sand, attach and screw, just like wood. The boards’ homogeneous composition means that the edges do not need to be sealed.

UPB Boards Exclusively at Weltholz

Weltholz is proud to be your go-to timber specialist and Germany’s exclusive supplier of UPB boards made from Resysta®.

Be one of the first to experience this innovative board material and its many capabilities at the BAU 2019 Trade Fair in Munich at stand 211 in hall B5.