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  • When Kebony® is weathered, over time an attractive, silky-gray patina is obtained. Photo: © Kebony
  • Low-maintenance: Kebony can be cleaned with a broom and water. The Kebony® technology gives the wood its dark brown color. This can be protected with UV protective oils. Photo: © Kebony
  • Sustainable and extremely tough: Kebony permanently withstands moisture and cold without being impregnated with toxic chemicals. Photo: © Kebony
  • Kebony® woods are extremely hard, dimensionally stable and durable. Table: © Kebony
  • Kebony® is ideal for outdoor and indoor use, e.g. for terraces, façades, roofs, windows, doors, furniture and numerous other applications. Photo: © Kebony

New brochure: Kebony® wood

Kebony is high-quality, real wood and recommended by leading architects. It is sustainable, durable and does not require any additional treatment other than normal cleaning. The wood is characterized by a long service life and is ideally suited for terraces and flooring as well as façades. Kebony has a 30-year warranty.

The Kebony® technology was developed in Norway. The environmentally-friendly, patented process upgrades the properties of sustainable softwoods through a bio-based liquid. As a result, the cell structure of the wood is permanently changed, giving it premium properties and a dark brown color.

Kebony was honored by the World Economic Forum as a "Technology Pioneer" and received the ICONIC Award in the "Best Product" category by the German Design Council. As a building material, Kebony delights leading architects, designers and processors.


All Kebony woods develop an attractive, silky-gray patina over time when exposed to the elements. As with other natural wood products, variations in color and surface texture may occur.

Kebony Clear is made from FSC®-certified Pinus Radiata. The wood is in principle knot-free and can be processed like any untreated hardwood.

Kebony Character is made from FSC®-certified Pinus Sylvestris. The wood can be cut lengthwise, however, the ends should be sealed. Please note: The wood must not be planed additionally because the untreated wood core can be exposed. The warranty is no longer valid in this case.


Kebony is very hard, durable and therefore suitable for all internal and external applications. It requires minimal maintenance, has low life cycle costs, and a 30-year warranty.

  • GENUINE WOOD: With improved and reinforced cell structure
  • EXTREMELY DIMENSIONALLY STABLE: swelling and shrinkage reduced by approx. 50%
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE: No additional treatment other than normal cleaning
  • VERY HARD: Hardness grade at the level of the best tropical woods
  • RESISTANT: To fungal infestation, rotting and other microorganisms
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC: No toxic or harmful impregnation
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY: Kebony technology is based on biological liquid
  • GUARANTEED SUSTAINABILITY: Raw materials only from sustainable and certified forests
  • HIGH QUALITY & BEAUTIFUL: Develops a patina over time due to sun and rain
  • LONG LASTING: 30-year warranty concerning outdoor rotting


Kebony Façades
Kebony façade profiles are available as:

– Kebony Character rabbet joint profile 60° with shadow groove 21 x 148 mm
– Kebony Character double profile with rabbet joint 60° with shadow groove 21 x 148 mm
– Kebony Character façade board rectangular 21 x 148 mm
– Kebony Clear façade board rhombus 19 x 120 mm
– Kebony Clear façade board rectangular 19 x 110 mm

Kebony Terraces
Kebony terrace boards are available as:

– Kebony Character terrace boards 28 x 120 mm
– Kebony Character boardwalk 34 x 145 mm
– Kebony Clear terrace boards 22 x 142 mm
– Kebony Clear terrace boards 22 x 142 mm, sides grooved
– Kebony Clear boardwalk 38 x 140 mm

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