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  • Ready for the winter: UPM ProFi® heating cables are simply inserted into one of the board’s hollow
    chambers. They keep the terrace free from ice and snow. Photo: © UPM
  • Intelligent board design: The perfectly matched accessories of the installation system include UPM ProFi®
    End Caps and UPM ProFi® Rail Step. Photo: © UPM

New: UPM ProFi® heating cable

UPM ProFi® Deck offers a highly resistant hollow chamber structure. In addition to end caps for UPM ProFi® Deck 150 available since the 2017 terrace season, the intelligent board design of UPM ProFi® has been further upgraded with a heating cable, which keeps the boards free of ice and snow during winter.

The UPM ProFi® heating cable can be easily installed through one of the two inner hollow chambers of each board. One cable per board is sufficient. Switching on and off is automatically controlled via a thermostat according to the outside temperature. The cable can also be inserted after installing the boards.

Further details on the UPM ProFi® heating cable:

•   Waterproof
The complete system (cable, plug and temperature sensor) is waterproof (IP67).
•   No transformer required
The cable is supplied as a plug-and-play solution.
•   House socket is sufficient
Only a normal domestic plug is required, no additional protection. When using several cables for one socket, appropriate safety measures should be followed.
•   Required power and consumption
The heating capacity corresponds to 17 W / m cable length (31.04 m cable length = 528 W). A cable length is sufficient for heating a terrace area of 4.7 m² with UPM ProFi® Deck 150 boards.
•   VDE and CE approval for the heating system in WPC hollow chamber boards
CE marking and VDE approval for the individual components are available. It is a German manufacturer, which is ISO 9001 and DEKRA certified.
•   Application example
The UPM ProFi® heating cable has been installed in the UPM ProFi® factory in Bruchsal, where it has proved itself for more than a year and can be inspected at any time.


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