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  • The board UPM ProFi Loggia S1 is only usable on one side and is very well suited for use in private projects.
  • The version Loggia S2 is also suited for use in commercial areas.
  • The board Loggia by UPM ProFi is a solid board with a high design standard.

Terrace season: The Weltholz team is ready

Visitation of the UPM ProFi factory in Bruchsal with a practical demonstration of board laying

In order to satisfy customers requests and the need for information, the Weltholz team met in the UPM ProFi factory in Bruchsal and updated and extended its profound knowledge during talks and practical demonstrations. One of the speakers was Mirko Genz, UPM ProFi Sales Manager for Central Europe.

The current assortment of UPM ProFi and the board “Loggia”, a solid board with a high design standard, were at the center of the event. UPM ProFi Loggia is the solid alterantive to the UPM ProFi Deck 150 hollow boards. The combination of natural cellulose fiber and the synthetic polyethylene produces outstanding product characteristics and the near-natural grain of noble hardwood species provides the terrace with an extraordinary, lively surface. The unique stain resistance, in combination with a high color consistency, characterizes the UPM ProFi solid boards. UPM ProFi Loggia S2 can be laid on both sides and is available in three color designs: Silver Ash offers a fresh, modern look, Brazilian Walnut resembles the hardwood Ipe and Streaked Ebony exudes lots of optical warmth with its dark color.

The board UPM ProFi Loggia S1 is only usable on one side and is not recommended for commerical use due to its low material strenth. The S2 version, however, can also be used commercially without concern. It is available in the colors Brazilian Walnut, Silver Ash, Streaked Ebony.

A training course in board laying with many tips from professionals/practitioners complemented the event. Stephan David, international product manager, demonstrated for example the practical UPM ProFi adjustable legs to equalize differences in height.

Our Weltholz customers can also take a look at our new products – directly on-site during our Weltholz customers days from February to May.
Invitation, program and registration for download.