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  • Kickoff event at UPM ProFi in Bruchsal: At the start of the 2018 terrace season, the Weltholz team
    provided information about the product innovations in 2018.
  • The core themes of the event also included long-established products such as UPM ProFi Deck and
    UPM ProFi Lifecycle. Birgit Schreiber from UPM ProFi Germany and Eugen Dickerhoff from
    Weltholz hosted the event...
  • ... as well as (left to right) Edward Robinson, Benjamin Thockok and Jörg Rohrleitner from UPM.
  • Ready for the factory tour: During the tour of the Bruchsal factory, the participants learned about
    the latest in manufacturing, product development and quality assurance of the UPM ProFi product family.
  • The innovative UPM ProFi click system reduces installation time by more than half and enables an
    ergonomic working method – as explained by Jörg Rohrleitner...
  • ... and in practice Benjamin Thockok demonstrates: Preparing the substructure at workbench height
    protects your back.
  • The substructure is ready: Components such as click clips are simply snapped into the aluminum
    support rail; terrace and substructure can be mounted without screws or drilling.
  • The planks are simply clicked onto the substructure - demonstrated here by Marko Horvay,
    Sales Manager Klöpfer Region North-East.
  • Outside the UPM ProFi factory in Bruchsal, the complete UPM ProFi product family is presented.
  • Time for technical discussions and individual questions on the various flooring from the UPM ProFi
    Classic Deck and Design Deck product lines.

The start of terrace season

The Weltholz team is prepared: We have long been ready for the 2018 terrace season! And to ensure that no question remains unanswered and that our customers' information needs are covered in every respect, UPM ProFi and Weltholz once again invited our clients to the UPM ProFi factory in Bruchsal to present the new, optimized products in our WPC boards and installation systems product lines.

In addition to the Weltholz team, Birgit Schreiber, Edward Robinson, Jörg Rohrleitner and Benjamin Thockok from UPM hosted the event. Among others, they informed participants in detail about the 2018 UPM ProFi product innovations:

  • The innovative UPM ProFi click system for professional patio installation reduces installation time by more than half, enables ergonomic operation and achieves a perfect installation result.
  • With the new board innovations UPM ProFi Piazza and Vision, the manufacturer has added two exciting new additions to its Classic Deck product line, setting unprecedented standards in terms of quality and design.

Other core topics of the event included "10 years of UPM ProFi – 10 years of functioning hollow-core boards" and "UPM ProFi Lifecycle – over 25 years of product experience with a unique recycled material".

After the factory tour, the participants updated their practical knowledge. During an installation training course led by Jörg Rohrleitner and Benjamin Thockok, everything revolved around the new UPM ProFi click system and the functions of its ingenious components.

All the 2018 UPM ProFi Innovations, material descriptions, installation tips and accessories can be found in the current UPM ProFi brochure

You can read more about the UPM ProFi product innovations here