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  • "Move Me!": Creative solutions for urban garden design. Photo: © LA21 Landscape Architecture®
  • The elements of the themed garden are freely movable on wheels – so every visitor can always redesign
    it according to their individual needs. Photo: © alpina AG
  • For garden elements such as containers for herbs, vegetables, perennials and trees, old pallets and other
    recycled materials were used. Photo: © alpina AG
  • UPM ProFi® Lifecycle S2 was used for the decking. Due to its outstanding properties, this recycled
    material perfectly matches the innovative design of "Move Me!". Photo: © alpina AG

UPM ProFi® sponsert IGA-Themengarten

Until 15 October 2017, the IGA Berlin is dedicated to the motto »An OCEAN of colors«. 104 hectares of garden exhibitions await visitors, including numerous innovative projects on the green urban lifestyle. One of them is the "Move Me!" themed garden in the western area of the IGA site, designed by the Landscape Architecture Office LA21 and run by alpina AG Berlin. UPM ProFi® is one of the sponsors of this project.

With creative ease, "Move Me!" shows how the individual dream garden can be realized in the city, even if, as is often the case, a lack of space is a concern. The themed garden serves various needs that characterize the lives of many urban dwellers today: the desire for greener cities and contact with nature, which is also reflected in the popularity of urban gardening; the need for more individuality and space for one's own creativity; the growing desire for a sustainable lifestyle, where recycling and up-cycling are major issues.

As its name suggests, "Move Me!" invites IGA visitors to become active and to redesign the garden according to their own ideas: the various elements, such as seating arrangements, pots and containers for trees and perennials and for vegetables and herbs are freely movable on wheels. For these elements, used materials, for example old pallets, were recycled. Areas of lawn, sand and terraces add further structure to the garden, while a fence encloses the most limited space in the city. The "Move-Me!" themed garden provides an ingenious, space-saving idea – for example, for urban gardens on roofs and in backyards – which allows for each individual's personal creative freedom even when used jointly.

In the case of decking (around 40 m2), UPM ProFi Lifecycle S2 was chosen, which, due to its functional and optical properties, integrated harmoniously into the overall concept: the components of these solid boards are largely recycled. Also due to its natural hardwood optics and feel, Lifecycle fits very well with the project theme. Use in the open air and the expected excess stress does not affect its function and aesthetics: Thanks to their sealed surface the UPM ProFi® high-quality WPC boards are exceptionally durable, weather-resistant, impact and slip resistant as well as being resistive to soiling. Since the boards are lignin-free, they do not turn gray. Even with bright colors - like "Desert Sand" - they retain their fresh look in the long term.

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