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Weltholz follows the goal of trading with lumber and wood-related products from known sources only.

Weltholz stands for lumber from legal sources

The duty to due care in accordance with the German Timber Trade Security Act (HolzSiG) is the guiding principle behind Weltholz's actions, giving customers the security of certified wood-related products.

The new EU Timber Regulation went into effect on March 3, 2013. This regulation applies to the entire EU, stipulating that importers of lumber and wood-related products must audit the legality of goods imported from non-EU countries and plausibly document them. It effectively bans illegally harvested wood and the products made with it from the domestic EU market. 
For many years, the division has followed the goal of trading with lumber and wood-related products from known sources only.

For this reason, Weltholz decided to apply for FSC/COC certification in 2004 and PEFC/COC certification in 2006. In conjunction with a green marketing concept, these certificates are a clear statement on the socio-political consensus to trade exclusively with legal wood-related products and those that have been sustainably produced whenever possible.

In order to implement the additional requirements of HolzSiG to the letter, Weltholz has addressed these important subjects for years. The suppliers know the requirements they face if they want their wood-related products to have free access to the European market.

In order to comply with all the internal processes of the due diligence system required by legislation (HolzSiG) and with them, the international requirements, Weltholz has joined the GD Holz monitoring organization. The continuous auditing by independent third parties ensures that Weltholz is acting in accordance with the legal stipulations.

Our HolzSiG officer, Eugen Dickerhoff, is pleased to be available to answer detailed questions at Eugen.Dickerhoff@Weltholz.de.