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Weltholz: The first company with iQS certification

New standards in the plywood trade

Weltholz was profoundly committed to setting up the Quality Plywood initiative (iQS). Now the company has been awarded the iQS logo with the number one – which makes it the first company to be certified according to the iQS standard.

After intensive negotiations Weltholz, together with five additional founding and member companies, signed the founding treaty for the Quality Plywood initiative (iQS). Even before signing the treaty Weltholz, as the first trader, had already switched all product texts to the iQS standard in September of 2015.

iQS has the goal of promoting fair competition in the market and at the same time promoting the use of plywood. That is why all member companies vow to label the qualities of the face veneers and provide additional information about their plywood and to mark them according to the rules of iQS. This clear labeling of the plywood product qualities promotes transparency. 

iQS already wants to hold the manufacturers accountable: The fundamental performance characteristics with regard to the quality grading of face veneers, the bonding types etc. should already be labeled. Ideally, the information from the manufacturers is accepted as is and might be complemented by additional information or corrected. This way, customers are supposed to be enabled to find the right plywood for their intended use.

The logo of iQS documents the membership and adherence to the rules. The initiative is a voluntary association of companies and is open to further plywood wholesalers and importers. It is organizationally supervised by the Association of German Timber Traders (Gesamtverband Deutscher Holzhandel e.V., Berlin). 

Additional information can be found in our information leaflet iQS (Download PDF).